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Do you know how people feel about your
company and your competitors?
What's keeping your customers awake at night?
What's trending in your domain and
who's leading the conversation?
What's the media's grip on your new product
or your competitor's service?
Crucial questions. We provide clear answers.

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There's no limit to what you can learn from reading the media, especially from reading between the lines. We turn the news into business information, using a proven media analysis methodology to analyse brand perceptions and reputations. Yours, the competition's, your prospect's... anyone or anything that matters to the success of your company. It allows you to adopt an efficient and effective approach to sales, marketing, public relations and communications. Start monitoring today.
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Would you like a monthly briefing? Sure. Do you prefer a more elaborate analysis? No problem. Do you need a trend report or would you like to back up your marketing strategy with a short survey of trending topics covered by the media? We've got what it takes. Get in touch with our analyst team.

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The PR world is constantly evolving. New methods and technologies allow us to generate in-depth insights about the quality of coverage. By analysing sentiment, audience and messaging for instance, we can now report on how well a company’s message is perceived by its target groups.

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